12/28/15 Grif.Net – Suspicious about the Gift

12/28/15 Grif.Net – Suspicious about the Gift

[Micah shared this tale and =
deserves credit and/or blame]

Last December, an avid hunter =
in England shot the biggest buck of his life. He was mighty proud of his =
feat, and he decided to give his buck to the girl for whom he had a =
great crush. He gave it to her on Christmas Day, boasting about the =
size, the points, etc., but he was most excited about how much the deer =

Well, he was known to boast, so =
after Christmas the lady took the deer to an official scale to see if it =
really weighed as much as her suitor claimed it did. =

She thought she was being coy =
about it, but the hunter found out. He was crushed by the lack of trust =
she showed, doubting his integrity. He broke off their friendship =
and  tried to forget it, but all year long it bothered him. =

A year passed, and when this =
December came he ran into her again. She noticed he didn’t offer her =
anything, and seemed rather curt in their conversations. She asked him =
what was wrong, and despite his efforts at self-control, he blurted out =
through tears,

"Last Christmas, I gave =
you my hart. The very next day, you gave it a =


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