12/04/15 Grif.Net – Real Name of Jesus’ Father

12/04/15 Grif.Net – Real Name of Jesus’ Father

A =
parochial-school teacher related the story of the birth of Christ, =
telling part of the narrative each day.  On the fourth day she =
quizzed the children, "What is baby Jesus’ mother’s =


"Mary! =
Mary! Mary!" they answered, waving their little hands in the =


ul!" Sister congratulated them. "Now what is baby Jesus’ =
father’s name?"


Silence =
filled the classroom.  No one could remember the name. Finally, one =
small boy jumped up, pumping his hand wildly toward the ceiling, "I =
know, Sister!" he shouted, "It’s =


uot; the stunned nun asked.  “Remember, we taught you on the =
first day that it was Joseph.”


"Oh, =
no. It’s Virg," explained the child, "You =
know–everybody’s heard of Virg and Mary."


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Kaybear for this one]



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