11/18/15 Grif.Net – What the Kids are Doing

11/18/15 Grif.Net – What the Kids are Doing

We were with a group of baby-boom parents who were =
all boasting proudly about our well-educated children.  The =
conversation went around the circle.


The =
first said her Marcie has a master’s degree in physics and each day she =
asks, "Why does this work?"


Another chimed in about son Kevin and his master’s =
degree in mechanical engineering from MIT and each day he asks, =
"How does this work?"


A =
mother mentioned her oldest Brittany had a doctorate in economics from =
Yale and each day she asks, "How much does it cost to manufacture =


Our =
next-door neighbor talked about her son Josh, with his degree in =
chemistry, and said each day he asks, "Could this be hazardous to =
our environment?"


So you =
know I just HAD to mention my son with his master’s degree in =
pre-Shakespeare English Poetry.  They looked at me and asked what =
HE said each day.  The answer was easy. "Would you like fries =
with your Big Mac?"



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