11/13/15 Grif.Net – And it’s a Friday

11/13/15 Grif.Net – And it’s a Friday


Forget Friday the =
13th. Insurers say a Monday the 27th is really the =
unluckiest day. More people suffer mishaps, have an accident or break =
something when the 27th is a Monday than on any other day =
according to 20th Century insurance records.  (Next =
Monday the 27th is June 2016)

The only =
Friday the 13th in 2014 was June.  Most years have two, =
but all years must have at least one.  In 2015 we’ve enjoy =
Friday the 13th in February, March and November. =

For us (Teresa and I) Friday the 13th is =
“special”.  We had our first date on Friday the =
13th of September, 1968.  We got engaged on Friday the =
13th of December, 1968.  So she KNOWS she will get =
flowers and hugs today!!

I do have some =
“slow” friends. How “slow”? I was talking about =
upcoming plans and mentioned, "Christmas is on Friday this =
My friend responded seriously, "Let’s hope it’s not =
the 13th then."

Mark Twain once =
was the 13th guest at a dinner party. A friend warned him not =
to go as it would be unlucky.
"It was bad luck," Twain =
later told the friend. "They only had food for =

Reminder to my readers: It is =
bad luck to fall out of a 13th story window on Friday the =
13th.  Don’t say you weren’t =


Dr Bob Griffin

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