11/09/15 Grif.Net – Political One-Liners

11/09/15 Grif.Net – Political One-Liners

A politician is someone who =
shakes your hand before an election and your confidence after =


Remember: The politicians who =
promise pie-in-the-sky are planning to use your dough for =

It’s tough being a =
politician. Half your reputation is ruined by lies the other half is =
ruined by the truth!


Some people tell political =
jokes… we HAVE them!


Don’t vote – it only encourages =


The statesman shears the sheep, =
the politician skins them.


Politicians are much like =
ships: noisiest when lost in a fog.


Political cunning should never =
be mistaken for intelligence.


Why is it that political =
leaders don’t seem to have all the answers until they write their =


The trouble with political =
jokes is they get elected.


A politician is a man who =
stands for what he thinks the voters will fall =


A politician has to be able to =
see both sides of an issue, so he can get around =


Political T.V. commercials =
prove one thing: some candidates can tell all their good points and =
qualifications in just 30 seconds.



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