10/16/15 Grif.Net – Highway Signs

10/16/15 Grif.Net – Highway Signs

 A =
traffic cop pulled over an elderly lady driving her little old car too =
slowly on the highway.


"This is =
a 75 mph highway, ma’am," he said. "How come you’re only doing =
about 20? You’re a danger to other =


"I’m =
sorry, officer," she said, "but I saw a lot of signs that said =
20 not 75."


"That’s =
not a speed limit," explained the patrolman. "That’s the =
number of the highway."


Just then he =
looked in the back of the car and saw two more little old ladies =
trembling with fear. "What’s the matter with them?" he =


The driver =
replied: "Don’t know. We’ve just turned off Highway =



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