08/27/15 Grif.Net – Murder One

08/27/15 Grif.Net – Murder One

[our odyssey of really bad word plays for August continues – just a couple
more and then back to normal bad humor]

This English landlady had a couple of struggling poets for tenants. Seems
the poor fellows got behind in their rent, and the landlady was unable to
have them evicted. Instead, she decided simply to murder them.

She baked a large scone and put some poison in it, then invited the poets
down for tea. She served each of the chaps a cup of tea and half the scone.
The poison worked as advertised, but of course crime doesn’t pay, and the
awful woman was soon arrested.

Feigning innocence, she demanded to know with what she was being charged.

The police inspector replied: “Well, it seems, madam, that you have killed
two bards with one scone!”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”