06/16/15 Grif.Net – Driving Test

06/16/15 Grif.Net – Driving Test

[With my oldest grandson driving now, this story from a friend hit home to
all who are taking that “test” for a permit/license.]

I had given our daughter, who was 15 at the time, a drivers manual. On the
way to town one day, I was coaching her as I drove.

I told her to be studying her book so as to be ready when it came time to
get her driver’s permit. “Oh, she said, “I already know everything in the

“You do?” I returned.

“Yep”, she said, very smugly.

I thought, “OK, I’ll show her and ask a really hard question.”

So I asked her, “How many feet does it take to stop the car if you are
driving 60 miles an hour and have to slam on the brakes real hard?”

“One,” she replied.

“What?” I asked. “One?”

She repeated her answer and then because of the confused look on my face,
she added, “One, Mom. You always told me never to use my left foot on the
brakes, only to take my right one off the accelerator and use it.”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”