05/25/15 Grif.Net – Do Soldiers Go to Heaven?

05/25/15 Grif.Net – Do Soldiers Go to Heaven?

[While I am a traditionalist and celebrate Memorial Day on May 30, I know
many who have bought into the “long weekend” mentality. So celebrating it
both today AND Saturday. Of course funny today, with more serious on the
real Memorial Day]

Little Jonah stood at attention watching the rows of veterans marching in
the Memorial Day Parade to City Park. He asked, “Mamma, don’t soldiers ever
go to heaven?”

“Of course they do!” protested his mother. “What makes you ask?”

He replied, “Look at all these old soldiers marching. Many of them have
beards, but I never saw any pictures of angels with beards.”

His mother responded “Oh, that’s because most vets who go to Heaven get
there by a close shave.”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”