05/21/15 Grif.Net – Little Known Facts about Chocolate

05/21/15 Grif.Net – Little Known Facts about Chocolate

[In our focus this week on food and drink, we thought it wise to share some
facts about eating chocolate]

1. If you’ve got melted chocolate all over your hands, you’re eating it too

2. Chocolate covered raisins, cherries, orange slices & strawberries all
count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

3. If you wonder how to get 2 pounds of chocolate home from the store in a
hot car, the solution is to simply eat it in the parking lot.

4. If on a diet, eat a Hershey bar before each meal. It’ll take the edge off
your appetite and you’ll eat less food.

5. If calories are an issue, store your chocolate on top of the fridge.
Calories are afraid of heights, and they will jump out of the chocolate to
protect themselves.

6. Eating equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate is a balanced

7. Money talks. Chocolate sings.

8. Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger.

9. Put “eat chocolate” at the top of your list of things to do today. That
way, at least you’ll get one thing done and know your day was not wasted.

10. If you can’t eat all your chocolate, it will keep in the freezer. But if
you can’t eat all your chocolate, what’s wrong with you?

Bonus: Why is there no such organization as “Chocoholics Anonymous”?
A: Because no one wants to quit.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”