04/28/15 Grif.Net – Birthday Factoids

04/28/15 Grif.Net – Birthday Factoids

[We are enjoying a few days off and celebrating the bride’s birthday in
style. BUT we HAVE to have a quiz because it’s Tuesday and that is what we
do. Limited time on the ‘net, so will post it and let you all fight it out.

And join with Emily Dickinson who said, “We turn not older with years, but
newer every day.”]

1. How many people share the same birthday as you?

2. Where was the world’s largest birthday cake created?

3. What special gift does each person in England who celebrates their 100th
birthday receive?

4. About how much money is spent on birthday cards annually in the USA?

5. Why is the most common birth date in the USA (October 5th) so logical?

6. The song ‘Happy Birthday’ is copyrighted, so earns about how much money a

7. These three months have the most birthdays celebrated (in order):

8. What famous writer died on his 52nd birthday?

9. Why was pirate-apprentice Frederic (in Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Pirates
of Penzance”) first HAPPY, then SAD on his 21st birthday?

10. In many countries we celebrate birthdays with a cake. What traditional
food is used in many Asian cultures?

Side note: My wife wants cake today. Specifically, cheese cake. I will
oblige. At the Cheesecake Factory!

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”