04/07/15 Grif.Net – Cap’n Crunch

04/07/15 Grif.Net – Cap’n Crunch

[Our Breakfast Cereal Quiz last week garnered good response, so thought we’d
focus on just one of the offerings and see what you remember about my very
favorite cereal, “Cap’n Crunch”]

1. Do you know the full name of the Cap’n?

2. Do you know his two greatest enemies?

3. Do you know the name of his ship?

4. Do you know where the Cap’n was born?

5. Do you know the name of his pet?

6. Can you describe his four crew members?

7. Do you know what year Cap’n Crunch was introduced to the cereal market?

8. Do you know what cereal knocked Cap’n Crunch from first place in the
children’s breakfast market it had dominated for almost a decade? (Never
fear, after 6 years at #2, the Cap’n made it back on top to stay!!)

9. Do you know what the shape of each yellow crunchy rectangle represents?

10. Can you give at least FIVE Cap’n Crunch varieties in addition to the
original? (there are more than 20!!)

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”