03/24/15 Grif.Net – No Monopoly on this Quiz

03/24/15 Grif.Net – No Monopoly on this Quiz

[New Quiz all about a game I loved as a kid. I was a ruthless tycoon, often
bringing tears to neighbors who dared play against me. Do YOU dare to play
this Monopoly Trivia game? I will win, you know.]

1. About how many Monopoly houses have been built since 1935?

2. In 1976 Neiman-Marcus offered a special monopoly game for $600. What
made it so expensive?

3. What is the record for playing Monopoly underwater?

4. How much money is in the “bank” in a standard Monopoly game?

5. Who is the arresting officer when you must “go to jail”?

6. What property is landed on most often?

7. During World War II and subsequent metal shortage, what were the Monopoly
tokens made from?

8. Who is the top-hatted Monopoly man?

9. How many Community Chest and Chance cards come with the game?

10. What property on the Monopoly board was misspelled for decades?

Bonus. Who is that character locked up in the jail in Monopoly?

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”