02/17/15 Grif.Net – Another Useless Bit o’Trivia

02/17/15 Grif.Net – Another Useless Bit o’Trivia

[Weekly quiz. Some easy, some not. How much of this do you know?]

1. This story has been made into movies more than any other story.

2. WITHOUT LOOKING: These three sets of letters are in alphabetical order on
your keyboard.

3. To be perfect, the white-icing squiggle on top of your Hostess cupcake
must have this proper amount of loops.

4. Coincidence? In 1912 this maritime accident occurred and a new candy was

5. His mother’s maiden name of “Moon” had no influence on this second man to
walk on the lunar surface. Bonus point if you answer with his REAL name.

6. This teen was turned down by his school yearbook staff when he offered to
add his cartoon strips on school children to the book.

7. Unlike other 20th Century US Presidents, he stopped the press from
identifying him by use of just his initials.

8. While the White House is the number one visited in the USA, this house
would come in a close second place.

9. Everyone knows a man with more than one wife is a polygamist. But this
would be the title of a woman with more than one husband.

10. Why would anyone have a numerym?

Bonus: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. Do you know what ZIP stands for . .
a. To a banker =
b. To a psychologist =
c. To a postal worker =

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”