12/08/14 Grif.Net – In the Mood

12/08/14 Grif.Net – In the Mood

[Thought that over the next 12 weekdays we would share some wonderful puns
and word plays of the Christmas season. Some might be good ones, but don’t
hold your breath. Thinking of starting a Christmas humor website –]

Here are some random thoughts to get us all smiling and prepared for the
coming 12 Puns of Christmas. (And, as Santa would say, these will sleigh

*Back in the Garden of Eden, what did Adam say the day before Christmas?
“Remember, it’s Christmas, Eve.”

*Someone has stated that the phrase that best sums up the Christmas season
is not “Peace on Earth” or “Goodwill to Men”. It is “Batteries not

*I got my wife a wooden leg for Christmas. It was not her main present, but
just a stocking filler.

*There was a golfer who played on Christmas and hit a birdie. Sadly, it was
a partridge on a par 3.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”