11/12/14 Grif.Net – Consider These Questions

11/12/14 Grif.Net – Consider These Questions

[DC and others asked questions to which I had no easy answer]

If Satan ever loses his hair, will there be hell toupee?

If the choir leader works only part-time, is he a semi-conductor?

If you go around singing “Deck the Halls”, do you think that will make Mr.
and Mrs. Hall very happy?

If I buy a mirror, will this help me become more reflective?

If I have children, will that be an heir raising experience?

If an oriental doctor has a fireplace, would it have an Asian flue?

If he no longer believed in ghosts, would he become quite dispirited?

If an astronaut wrote about flying twice to the moon, should it be double

If I have a fear of hurdles, how will I get over it?

If I try talking about our future and she just keeps bringing up my past,
will this be a tense conversation?

If the dock keeps floating above water, could this be pier pressure?

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”