10/21/14 Grif.Net – Do You Know Apples?

10/21/14 Grif.Net – Do You Know Apples?

Quiz time for Fall. Fall, not Fail. But you will. Answers tomorrow.

1. How many varieties of apples are in the world today?

2. In what country did the apple tree originate?

3. By what nickname do we know Massachusetts’ pioneer John Chapman?

4. In what country did Granny Smith apples originate?

5. What variety of apple was first developed in 1962 in Morioka, Japan?

6. What nation grows more apples than all the other countries of the world

7. What was the only “apple” native to North America?

8. What percentage of apples grown in the USA come from Washington State?

9. In 1890 a West Virginia farmer discovered the Mullins Yellow Seedling
growing on his land, and 25 years later was renamed what?

10. What two popular apple varieties were developed in New Zealand in 1952
and 1972?

11. About how many calories are in a typical medium apple?

12. What ancient custom at Yuletide is done to drive away bad luck and
ensure a good harvest from the apple trees?

13. What apple was used to represent Apple Records?

14. Woodstock, NY, was famous in the 1800’s for developing what tart apple
variety named after Rachel Higley’s husband?

15. What percentage of the world’s apples are grown in the USA?

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”