08/12/14 Grif.Net – August 9-16 Trivia

08/12/14 Grif.Net – August 9-16 Trivia

[While researching August “trivia”, I came across some important birthdays
and other dates in the month. Here is a second set of historic dates you
SHOULD know! NO GOOGLE, please.

Share your guesses. Real answers on FRIDAY.]

August 9, 1945, an American B-29 bomber with a single atomic bomb headed for
the city of Kokura, Japan. Because of poor visibility what “secondary” city
was targeted?

August 10, 1874, who was the first US President to be born west of the

August 11, 1965, was the beginning of six days of rioting that left what
area of Los Angeles in ruins?

August 12, 1676, Metacom, leader of the Pokanokets (tribe in the Wampanoag
Indian Federation) was killed follow two years of war against white settlers
on the American frontier. What was his nickname?

August 13, 1961, to discourage emigration to the West, the East German
government closed the border with barbed wire. What was this called?

August 14, 1961, is birthday of actress Susan Olsen who is best known for
her TV sitcom role as Cindy. What was her TV character’s last name?

August 15, 1969, the 3-day rock festival originally called the ‘Woodstock
Music and Art Fair’ began. What was the cost of a ticket for the entire

August 16, 1896, Gold was discovered in Rabbit Creek, Alaska, leading to
what event?

Dr Bob Griffin
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