07/08/14 Grif.Net – Military Control

07/08/14 Grif.Net – Military Control


Some common ones everyone knows . . .
OPCON – Operational control of forces. Can be delegated to subordinates.
TACON – Tactical control. Limited to specific time and place.
ADCON – Administrative control. UCMJ authority and the like.

Less familiar . . .
NIKON – Exercising control of expensive Japanese camera equipment.
DEFCON – Exercising control over those with a severe loss of hearing.
EXCON – Exercising control of former prison inmates.
ICON – Self-control.
YUKON – Deferring control to someone else (see ICON).
MILCON – That control exercised over more than 999,999 individuals.
DECON – Exercising control over insects/pests through use of chemicals.
RECON – Exercising control again.
ECON – Control exercised by individuals over their financial resources.
JAMES CAAN – That control exercised by the Screen Actors Guild.
BEACON – Exercising control through the use of flashing lights.
SILICON – Exercising control of mirthful, inane shenanigans.
PROCON – That control exercised by non-amateurs.
FALCON – Exercising control of an F-16 aircraft.
BACON – Exercising control over production/distribution of pork products.
GARCON – Exercising control of snobbish French waiters.
MACON – Exercising control through the use of Southern sheriffs.
HELICON – That control exercised over rotary wing aircraft.
TELECON – Exercising control of forces thru hand-held communication devices.
LEXICON – Exercising control of expensive Japanese luxury cars.
DEACON – That control exercised by the Drug Enforcement Agency.
RAPCON – Control of so-called musical style exercised by teenagers.

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