05/30/14 Grif.Net – Union Jobs

05/30/14 Grif.Net – Union Jobs

When looking for summer jobs, I came across these reports:

The Custodians of America were brushing up their resumes since their work
was not really picking up.

The Balloon Makers formed a union because their work was rapidly expanding.

The Fortune Tellers did not form a union because it became crystal clear
that there was no future in it.

The Magicians were worried and did not form a union because of concern that
their work was just an illusion, and would soon vanish.

The Electricians union took charge and sent the Teamsters Union packing.
(At least that is the current situation due to an alternating view.)

The Ice Cream Makers discovered that their union had a hiring freeze.

The Meat Packers Union found that management gave them the cold shoulder.

The Breadmakers could not rise to the occasion and so lost an increase in

Disputes recently broke out among the Window Installers Association, causing
a real pane. Until they had a major break through that was a shattering

The painters union was all primed for a strike but was rolled right over by
the floor covering union that laid down the law because they were stretched

The Professional Bowlers Association did go an a major strike, but were
split on the issues.

The Professional Wrestlers wanted to form a union because they felt they
were being pinned by those holding them down, and they did not want to be
counted out.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”