05/15/14 Grif.Net – Occupation?

05/15/14 Grif.Net – Occupation?

A Russian traveler arrived at the Heathrow airport. The immigration officer
asked, “Nationality?”

The man replied, “Russian”.

The officer continued: “Occupation?”

Calmly, the Russian answered, “No, just for a short visit!”

ANSWERS TO QUIZ – in 1901 . .
#1. What was the average life expectancy in the U.S.? 47

#2. What percentage of homes had a bathtub? 14%

#3. What percentage of homes had a telephone? 8%

#4. How many cars in the entire U.S.? 8,000

#5. How many miles of paved road in the U.S.? 144 miles

#6. What was the average city speed limits? 10 mph

#7. What percentage of births took place at home? 95%

#8. What was did the average worker earn as an hourly wage? 22 cents

#9. What percentage of physicians/surgeons had little high school and NO
college education? 90%

#10. Give the rank in population of the State of California: 21st, behind
booming states of Alabama, Mississippi and Iowa

#11. How often did most women wash their hair? Once a month

#12. What did they use to wash it? Borax or egg yolk

#13. Cost per pound of sugar? 4 cents

#14. Cost per pound of coffee? 15 cents

#15. In what nation was the tallest man-made structure in the world located?

BONUS: What was that structure? Eiffel Tower

Dr Bob Griffin
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