03/31/14 Grif.Net – Raging Against the Snow

03/31/14 Grif.Net – Raging Against the Snow

[March came IN like a lion and today it is going OUT like a lion. Six more
inches of heavy wet snow, branches sagging and cracking. I am TIRED of a
winter that will not end. So RAGE . . or LAUGH . . about it with me.]

*If I yell against the weather for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, I can
produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

*I thought I could use my vacuum to help clear off the chunks of ice on the
back porch, but the machine couldn’t take it. Guess it was so cold that hail
froze hoover.

*I am losing weight with this snow. When I start banging my head against a
wall, I burn 150 calories an hour.

*I told my doctor that I hurt my back when I slipped shoveling the front
steps, and he said, ‘Icy.’

*Springtime in Wyoming is snow place to be.

*When I dialed the emergency Road Condition number, the recorded said “Call
back in the Spring”.

*Getting more snow in the Spring is like winning ten cents on my lottery

*Sorry for the rant, but had to share. Even though I’m old, I still remember
“Snow and Tell” from grade school days . . .

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”