12/26/13 Grif.Net – Musical Q&A

12/26/13 Grif.Net – Musical Q&A

[Everyone groaned horribly at the piano humor so we decided to stop it. And
include MORE ‘generalized’ musical groaners. You’re welcome.]

Q. Why did Mozart kill his chickens?
A. Because they always ran around going “Bach! Bach! Bach!”

Q. Why did mom stop her little boy from watching public television?
A. Because it had too much sax and violins.

Q. What does New Age music sound like played backwards?
A. New Age music.

Q. When they dug up Beethoven’s body, why was he erasing all his music.
A. Obviously he was decomposing.

Q. How do musically inclined plants grow?
A. With the new and improved allegrow

Q. What do you call a vagrant musical instrument in London?
A. An ‘oboe

Q. How do they know the price for music you’re buying?
A. They use its bar codes

Q. Why was the drummer snared in the back alley at night?
A. He was looking for treble (but the arrest was largely cymballic)

Q. What happens when you play country western music backwards?
A. You get your pickup truck back, your dog returns to life, and you get
back your job at the car wash.

These jokes are so bad I can’t Handel them. They make me Lizstless and can
be too Mendlesohm.
I’d better go out Bach and go Chopin or at least stay in Haydn.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”