11/16/13 Weekend Grif.Net – How Things Change

11/16/13 Weekend Grif.Net – How Things Change

[Shared with me as a possible Grif-Net from a grandma. Adapted from “Faith,
Hope & Hilarity” by Spangler/MacDonald]

How things change. What didn’t exist yesterday is a household word today.
When I was a child, there was no such thing as a ‘seat belt’. My mother was
the safety device in our car. If I wanted to stand on the front seat, perch
on the headrest, or drool out the window like our dog – no problem. In the
event of an accident, my mother would save me with her arm!

Actually, it didn’t even require an accident. Whenever she hit the brake,
her arm would simultaneously arc toward me like a loose boom on a sailing
ship. Whap! Talk about tough love. “Just let me go through the windshield
next time,” I’d beg, nursing my bleeding nose and sporting a shiner. I
expect thousands of kids were victims of the long arm of the mom.

That’s exactly why I liked riding with my grandma better. She had that
thing under her arm – that fleshy, soft forerunner to the air bags of today.
When Grandma stepped on the brakes, her arm would come flying back, and I’d
be smothered in gelatin. Everything would go black, and my air would
temporarily be cut off, but I didn’t get hurt. OK, I’d smell like Noxzema
for a few days, but I could live with that.

My point is that nothing stays the same; everything changes. Automobiles
now have air bags front and sides, and switches for turning them on and off.
Parents are required to use infant seats to restrain children in cars. Back
in my day, an infant seat was something you put a diaper on!

Yup, change is everywhere. Only the unchanging GOD remains; HE will never
change and HE will never fail. AMEN!

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”