09/24/13 Grif.Net – You Know You’ve Been in Russia Too Long

09/24/13 Grif.Net – You Know You’ve Been in Russia Too Long

[Rick Steves, famous travel TV personality, wrote about a friend who has
been living as an ex-patriot in Moscow. Having been in St Petersburg,
Moscow and other parts of Russia in past years, I kept nodding in agreement
and smiling at these thoughts]

You know you’ve been in Russia too long when…

1. In winter, you choose your route first by determining which icicles are
least likely to impale you on the head. (Many people still die each winter
from falling icicles.)

2. You win a shoving match with an old babushka for a place in line, and
you are proud of it.

3. You drink the brine from empty pickle jars.

4. Your coffee cups routinely smell like vodka.

5. You know more than 60 Olgas.

6. You wear a wool hat in the sauna.

7. You no longer see any significant difference between America’s
Republican and Democratic parties.

8. Babushkas turn to you on the street inquiring about former and current
street names.

9. Doors are not supposed to be pretty, they are supposed to be metal with
triple bolts.

10. You don’t throw away any bags, jars, cans, wrapping paper, string,
rubber bands, broken shoe laces, boxes – because you never know when you
might use them.

11. You’re excited when you accomplish 3 things out of a list of 10 to do
that day, and consider it a very effective day!

12. You think that rotten milk and sour cabbage are “nice” stairway smells.

13. You see every vehicle as a potential taxi.

14. You can successfully negotiate the metro at rush hour with no broken

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