09/13/13 Grif.Net – Special Friday the 13th Edition

09/13/13 Grif.Net – Special Friday the 13th Edition

Though we had know each other at college for a few years and been in plays,
choirs and performances together, Teresa and I truly did not like each

But life began to change in the fall of 1968. We both (unknown to the
other) had decided to finish our college at a brand new school in Wisconsin.
When we arrived as upper classmen, the President’s wife placed us together
as a team to welcome new families bringing in students and to mentor the

As we spent more and more time working together, we grew closer. In just a
few years I would be a pastor, needing a godly wife for ministry and to be a
mother of my children. My goals and direction had changed from just goofing
off and dating and fun, and Teresa was the perfect young woman who caught my

Our first date was Friday the 13th of September, 1968. After a few more
dates I was hopelessly in love. It took her a little while longer, but on
Friday, December 13th, 1968, I gave her a ring and asked her to be my bride.

The next time that ominous date rolled around was Friday, June 13th, 1969,
and we desired to get married on it. But her father wanted her to complete
her college (I was in grad school) in case this no-good lazy bum abandoned
her and she would be on her own. So we put it off until the next June 1970
(sadly, no Friday the 13th in June that year). Friday the 19th just doesn’t
have the same ring to it . .

Since every year has at least ONE Friday the 13th (and perhaps as many as
THREE), this is a happy time for us, flooding our hearts with memories. And
this year, with Friday the 13th in SEPTEMBER, exactly 45 years since our
first date, it is even MORE special.

Some wince at Friday the 13th and think it unlucky. But not the Griffin’s.
We don’t ‘wince’ – we ‘wink’ at each other with a knowing look . . and
remember back over the years with amazement at how fast 45 years have flown
by and how blessed we were on a Friday the 13th so long ago.

Do YOU celebrate Friday the 13th or dread it. According to Smithsonian
Magazine, the fear of the #13 costs Americans 100 million dollars in
absenteeism, train and plane cancellations, and reduced commerce on the 13th
of EVERY month. On a Friday the 13th, this number QUADRUPLES.

Personally, I am not superstitious about Friday the 13th. I think that
would be unlucky.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”