09/07/13 Weekend Grif.Net – Racial Profiling

09/07/13 Weekend Grif.Net – Racial Profiling

[My old friend Chuck shared his thoughts on some of the tension in America
over racial issues. I liked his appeal to go back 50 years to the thinking
of Dr. King]

“Let it be known to all persons that I stand AGAINST ‘racial profiling’ –
racial profiling AS DEFINED in the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He
defined racial profiling as: “Being suspicious of someone who is of a
different race or of different ethnic origin as the person doing the
profiling. for no reason other than ‘he is different'”. I agree also with
Dr. King when he said that ALL PEOPLE should be judged or evaluated “by the
content of his CHARACTER, his abilities and his talents and nothing more.”

Unfortunately, there are some today who desire to change the meaning of
racial profiling to: “No person shall view a person of a minority status as
‘suspicious’ or ‘bad’ just because he or she is acting in a criminal way or
committing a crime since people of a minority status should be looked at as
‘victims’ regarding their lack of character and their criminal tendencies.
It isn’t ‘their fault’; it is someone else’s fault, so their criminal
activity should NOT BE PUNISHED and they should NOT be made to pay the price
for their crimes on the basis of their minority status, which in essence
makes them somehow immune from prosecution for or accountable for their bad
or criminal behavior.”

I am sorry, but I have to agree with Dr. King, who strongly discouraged
violence, rather than those that make a living promoting violence and
demanding a good job and a good wage without having to get the education and
skills to be in demand for that good job and good wage.”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”