08/19/13 Grif.Net – Juan Valdez Would Be Proud

08/19/13 Grif.Net – Juan Valdez Would Be Proud

[Yep. Gotta have some bad puns and word play every few months about COFFEE!]

Does my coffee taste like mud because it was ground a couple of minutes ago?

Is the crime of stealing someone’s coffee listed as a ‘mugging’?

When he spilled coffee on her shirt she showed him dis-stain.

Around here, coffee is used as break fluid.

Oh well. Back to the daily grind.

Not sure the coffee shop has the grounds to operate in the black.

I just had some coffee that was good only for its sedimental value.

Selling coffee has its perks for those who have bean so lucky.

Can I use my star bucks to buy coffee other places?

When I dribble my coffee down my chin and neck, I got hot under the collar.

Things were so slow at my house this morning, even my keurig needed a cup of
coffee to get going.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”