08/15/13 Grif.Net – Breakfast Cereal Food Fight

08/15/13 Grif.Net – Breakfast Cereal Food Fight

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ___% of Frosted Flakes are consumed by adults. [18%, 31%, 46%, 72%]

2. ___________ produces four the top five most popular cereals in America.
[Kellogg, Post, General Mills, Quaker]

3. An ice cream dessert bar has about 20% sugar content. Sugar Smacks has
about ___% sugar content. [20%, 40%, 60%, 80%]

4. The breakfast cereal ______________ is famous for spending more on
advertising than any other single food product. [Wheaties, Frosted Flakes,
Corn Flakes, Cheerios]

5. The uniform of the captain on a Captain Crunch box shows he is really the
rank of _________________. [Commander, Admiral, General, Ensign]

6. “Elijah’s Manna” was a successful US cereal, but British law forbid its
sale as sacrilegious, so the company changed the name to ________ ________.
[Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, Post Toasties, Raisin Bran]

7. ___________ has more protein than whole wheat. [Popcorn, Oats, Rice,

8. If all the shredded wheat biscuits were lined up end-to-end they would
____________________. [circle the earth twice, go from LA to New York City,
reach the moon, reach from the north to the south pole]

9. Children’s cereals average 45% sugar; adult cereals average ___%. [5%,
10%, 15%, 20%]

10. The average American family has _____ open boxes of cereal in the
cupboards at any time. [4, 8, 12, 16]

Bonus: Sales of ready-to-eat cereal in 2012 were about $_________. [$750
million, $3.2 billion, $11.3 billion, $1.1 trillion]

[answers tomorrow]

Dr Bob Griffin
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