08/05/13 Grif.Net – Financial Concerns #1

08/05/13 Grif.Net – Financial Concerns #1

[Thought a week of humor, satire and jokes about money might help us through
the dog days of summer and my questionable money-management concerns.]

My new motto: “Money can’t buy poverty”

My bank in Detroit returned my check “Insufficient funds”. I am confused
and wonder “them or me”?

My question for August 5th: Why is there this much month left at the end of
the money?

My bank has a service where they text me my balance at the close of each
day. I just don’t think they should add “LOL” at the end.

My savings and retirement should last me all my life, as long as I don’t buy

My IRS auditor keeps reminding me the trick is to quit thinking of it as
“my” money.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”