08/02/13 Grif.Net – Online Dating

08/02/13 Grif.Net – Online Dating

[Online answers for a Dating Site gathered from all over the ‘net. And LOVE
the last one!]

“I have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them.”

“I’ve never been married, but I tell people that I’m divorced so they won’t
think something’s wrong with me.”

“Not sure why I’m typing these answers without a shirt and trousers, but you
said in the instructions, ‘Answer in brief'”.

“My former wife said I was lazy and I should pack my bags and leave. I
said, ‘You pack them.'”

“In my house, we will divide responsibilities. I will be the boss. My wife
will, of course, be the decision-maker.”

“I am actually a very good person, but I simply do not like other people.”

“I want to date a liberal. That way when we drive somewhere, I can park in a
handicapped zone.”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”