07/30/13 Grif.Net – What if?

07/30/13 Grif.Net – What if?

[Some thought-provoking questions? Some funny, some deep.]

What if the Indiana Jones movies are just the dreams of Han Solo while
frozen in carbonite?

What if “Get Out of Jail Free” cards worked in real life? Would people steal
Monopoly Games off store shelves?

What if telephones automatically cut off after 30 seconds?

What if jokes about garbage trucks were just a bunch of rubbish?

What if McDonald’s sold hot dogs?

What if Satan had a last name? What would it be?

What if a donut maker gets sick of the hole business?

What if you put more than a single piece of bread in the toaster slot
labeled “one slice”?

What do you ask if you don’t want a sarcastic answer?

What if the sky is cloudy part of the day?

What if Mexicans always lose at Uno because they are only after a green

What if reality TV shows really were entertaining?

What if Grif.Net jokes were actually funny?

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”