03/23/13 Weekend Grif.Net – Finding Common Denominator in Gun Violence

03/23/13 Weekend Grif.Net – Finding Common Denominator in Gun Violence

Like everyone in America, we’ve been saddened again and again over the years
by crazy, evil or misguided men who kill the innocent. Whether they use
guns or knives or explosives or sterile clinic rooms, they sicken us.

So we need to look carefully at these killers and try to “profile” a bit to
see who needs to have guns registered or confiscated.

(Aside: why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men, who steal guns,
then go and kill movie-goers and children in school, has ever been
identified as a conservative NRA member?)

Let’s make a profile:

1 Gunman at Ft Hood = Registered Democrat and a Muslim

2 Gunmen at Columbine High School = Too young to vote, but both families
were registered Democrats and progressive liberals

3 Gunman at Virginia Tech = Wrote hate mail to then-President Bush and to
his staff. And of course, another registered Democrat

4 Gunman at the Colorado Theater = Registered Democrat. A staff worker
volunteer on the Obama campaign, an Occupy Wall Street participant, and
avowed progressive liberal

5 Gunman at the Connecticut School = Another Registered Democrat

The single common thread in all of these shooters? They were progressive
liberal Democrats.

My Conclusion:
It appears to me, as a Conservative Christian, we should join the current
hysteria and suggest that the evidence shows that guns of all registered
Progressives and Democrats should be confiscated.

And it will be EASY! We know who they are – they’ve registered with the
government already!

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”