03/14/13 Grif.Net – What’s in a Day?

03/14/13 Grif.Net – What’s in a Day?

What’s special about any given day? I’ve chosen a completely random day
(today, “March 14th”) to show how one day can truly impact history.

March 14th, 536 BC Jewish Victory over Persia
March 14th, 1629 royal charter of Massachusetts Bay Colony
March 14th, 1794 invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney
March 14th, 1812 war bonds issued by Congress for the first time
March 14th, 1843 opening of the Oregon Trail, Westward Expansion
March 14th, 1854 birth of former U.S. Vice President Thomas Riley Marshall
March 14th, 1864 birth of railroad pioneer John Luther “Casey” Jones
March 14th, 1879 birth of Nobel physicist Albert Einstein
March 14th, 1883 death of Karl Marx, founder of Communism
March 14th, 1900 the U.S. currency went on the gold standard
March 14th, 1903 first national bird reserve established in Sebastian, FL
March 14th, 1920 birth of Cartoonist Hank Ketcham
March 14th, 1921 birth of S Truet Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-a
March 14th, 1923 President Harding files first income tax return
March 14th, 1928 birth of Astronaut Frank Bormann
March 14th, 1933 birth of Actor Michael Caine
March 14th, 1933 birth of Composer Quincy Jones
March 14th, 1933 Civilian Conservation Corps began forest conservation jobs
March 14th, 1936 the “Federal Register,” first published
March 14th, 1939 Nazi Germany dissolved the Republic of Czechoslovakia
March 14th, 1947 birth of Comedian Billy Crystal
March 14th, 1948 birth of Dennis the Menace syndicated cartoon strip.
March 14th, 1950 FBI’s “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” program began
March 14th, 1951, U.N. forces recaptured Seoul during Korean War
March 14th, 1961 birth of Minnesota Twin’s Kirby Puckett
March 14th, 1964 Jack Ruby found guilty of the Lee Harvey Oswald murder
March 14th, 1965 Israeli cabinet approved diplomatic relations with Germany
March 14th, 1968 birth of Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables actress)
March 14th, 1991 Emir returned to Kuwait City after the Iraqis left
March 14th, 1992 Soviet newspaper “Pravda” suspended publication
March 14th, International Day of the Seal
March 14th, American Chocolate Day
March 14th, National Mother’s Day (for Moth Collectors)
March 14th, Invention of the Baseball Cap

Kierkegaard said that people celebrate birthdays with loud songs and parties
“to drown out the sound of the grass growing over their own graves”. Truly
a momentous day.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”