02/22/13 Grif.Net – Old but still Funny

[Virginia contributed these jokes that her mother who is nearly 100 thought
were some of these funniest in her memory. I agree with her sense of

“I’m a light eater. The minute it gets light, I start to eat.”

“Why is 5:00 am like the tail of a pig?”
“It’s twirly.”

“Definition of the height of confidence: Someone who stands up in a hammock”

“Joe is a real forthright character. He’s right about 25% of the time”

“Hey, would you like to hear a joke about the President?”
“Wait a minute – I want to let you know right away I work in the White
“Okay, I’ll tell it very slowly.”

“How do you get down off an elephant?”
“You don’t. You get down off a duck.”

“He says he’s a self-made man. Shows you how bad unskilled labor is these

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