02/21/13 Grif.Net – Cleaning Mirrors

02/21/13 Grif.Net – Cleaning Mirrors

We should learn from the Beaverton (OR) School District:

A principal of a small middle school had a problem with a few of the older
girls starting to use lipstick. When applying it in the bathroom they would
then press their lips to the mirror and leave lip prints.

Before it got out of hand he thought of a way to stop it. He gathered all
the girls together that wore lipstick and told them he wanted to meet with
them in he ladies room at 2 pm. They gathered at 2 pm and found the
principal and the school custodian waiting for them.

The principal explained that it was becoming a problem for the custodian to
clean the mirror every night. He said he felt the ladies did not fully
understand just how much of a problem it was and he wanted them to witness
just how hard it was to clean. The custodian then demonstrated. He took a
long brush on a handle out of a box.

He then dipped the brush in the nearest toilet, moved to the mirror and
proceeded to remove the lipstick. That was the last day the girls pressed
their lips on the mirror.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”