03/02/12 Grif.Net – Status Updates

03/02/12 Grif.Net – Status Updates

[I have some strange friends on FaceBook. Here are some selected “Status
Updates” I’ve seen posted. Just sayin’ . . ]

I want to learn how to make candles, so today I’m logging into Wickipedia.

When I get old, I don’t want people thinking, “What a sweet old lady…” I
want them to worry, “I hope she’s not armed…”

Heading to music class. It is a rechoirment.

A week ago, I really hated people. Today I just found out I was cooking them

I’ve come up with some crazy recipes, but want to be known as a good kook.

One thing I can always count on is my fingers.

Wish I had spent more on cold weather camping equipment. This is the last
winter of my discount tent.

People’s brains are just like modems….some are high speed, some are dial
up and some constantly lose connection.

Tired of hemming the boys’ trousers so will slack off today.

Always watch your step on an escalator. Yesterday I tripped and fell down
the stairs for an hour and a half.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”