12/23/11 Grif.Net – Christmas Artwork

12/23/11 Grif.Net – Christmas Artwork

A little girl was asked to draw a picture of the Nativity along with the
rest of her class. At the end of the school day, the drawings were sent home
for the parents to adore and display on their refrigerators.

Alexis’ mom was excited when her daughter told her she drew her very own
picture of the Nativity. “Oh, let me see!” her mother exclaimed. When she
glanced at the picture, she became rather confused. She saw an airplane
drawn right in the middle of the page.

Her mom asked Lexie if this was the correct picture – the one of the
Nativity and not a picture of Grandma and Grandpa coming to California for
Christmas from Wyoming.

“Of course, Mommy!” replied Alexis. “That’s the flight into Egypt!”

Her mom then looked at the figures riding in the plane and saw a very mean
man in the front of the plane. “Who is this angry-looking man?” her mom

“Mommy!” Lexie answered with frustration. “That’s Pontius the Pilot!”

Her mom, feeling like she needed to “get with it” in understanding her
daughter’s drawing, continued on. “OK. I see Joseph here, and Mary, and the
baby. But who is the really big guy in the back of the plane?”

With a sigh, her daughter blurted out: “You know this from the song, Mommy!
That’s round John Virgin!”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”