10/20/11 Grif.Net – Cover Letter

10/20/11 Grif.Net – Cover Letter

[Recently we’ve receive a rash of letters from folks who would like to work
for our clinic. Here are some “phrases” that, when I read, immediately
mean filing the letter in the circular file.]

“I’m really anxious to work for you and to have access to all those drugs.”

“I regret that I have no references. Unfortunately, every company I have
worked for has since closed down.”

“I’ll kill myself if I don’t get a job.”

“Remember, I know where you live.”

“I was recently acquitted.”

“Like you, I’m really tall, so I think I’d be well suited to this job.”

“Happy faces” or “Smilies” in the text.

“I’m looking for a position with full Internet access so I can keep in touch
with my friends.”

“What are my chances of getting a sunny corner office?”

“I’d prefer red as the color of my company car.”

“I can start immediately. I’m presently living in my car in your company
parking lot.”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”