10/06/11 Grif.Net – Lost Penguin

10/06/11 Grif.Net – Lost Penguin

[JH sent in this story from England]

The attendant at the gas station [yeah, I changed it since he said “petrol”
and nobody talks that way around here] noticed a small penguin was sitting
in the back seat of a patron’s car. The attendant just had to ask what the
deal was with the penguin.

“Well” the man said. “I found the little guy a few weeks ago wandering
around looking sad. I’ve been going crazy thinking of what I can do for

“Wow. You know there’s a zoo just down the road,” replied the attendant.
“Why don’t you take him there?”

With a smile, the man thanked the attendant, paid for the gas, and headed
off to the zoo.

A few days later the man pulled into the same station to buy some snacks.
The attendant recognized him and asked how things went with the penguin.

“Just fine. Matter of fact, he’s out in the back of the car if you want to
have a look.”
“I thought you were taking him to the zoo” said the attendant.

“I did, thanks” replied the man. “He loved it, so I’m taking him to the
beach today.”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”