08/28/11 Special Grif.Net

08/28/11 Special Grif.Net

Many of you know that today I was supposed to be leaving for Vietnam and
Cambodia on a ministry trip with my daughter, guided by Evangelist Tim Lee
(a decorated Vietnam vet who left both legs behind). Because of
circumstances beyond our control, the trip had to be postponed until spring.

While this is disappointing to us and we had already purchased some supplies
and needed items for the orphanages and the pastors/churches where we were
to minister, we know that God is in control. All details will work out for
those who are God’s children, we are promised.

While we have to put this mission venture on the back burner for a few
months, we ask all the faithful on this Lord’s Day to remember the
ministries in remote physical and often hostile political climates of the
world. The brothers and sisters there must be the focus, not our own
inconvenience over changed timetables.

This also gives added time to those who might consider sharing in the
financial need of this missionary endeavor. Again, God’s work will never
suffer because God’s people did not give. He is in control of all things.
But we may suffer from our lack of faith or actions, enjoying our good
lifestyle with contentment while not assisting our brothers and sisters
where we could. This is our loss.

Blessings to all who have faithfully prayed for us and we ask continued
prayer. We will give another update when firm timetables for spring are set.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”