04/28/11 Grif.Net – Beastly Humor

04/28/11 Grif.Net – Beastly Humor

Some years ago the president of a Baptist College shared some humor about
the number of the beast. He said, “If you can’t laugh at Satan and make fun
of the Beast, you have problems.” So from his sermon illustration comes . .

666 Mark of the Beast

668 Next-door neighbor of the Beast

DCLXVI Roman numeral of the Beast

1-666-666-6666 Telephone number of the Beast

66666 Zip code of the Beast

666-66-6666 Social Security number of the Beast

IAM666 License plate of the Beast

1010011 Binary number of the Beast

665.99 Retail number of the Beast

644.65 Walmart number of the Beast

Rte 666 Highway of the Beast

666i BMW of the Beast

666 Flags Amusement park of the Beast

Motel 666 Beast Western

666F Temperature of oven for roast Beast

666K Retirement plan of the Beast

666mg Recommended daily allowance of the Beast

Shout out to my bride. Today she catches up with me in age. NOT 666 btw.
Love you honey, and enjoy your conference this week. We will celebrate when
you return!

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”