04/11/11 Grif.Net – Civil War Reenactors

04/11/11 Grif.Net – Civil War Reenactors

[This week begins the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. As an
avid historian and reenactor, I thought I’d try for some civil war jokes)

You might be a Civil War Reenactor if . . .

You jump when you overhear people talking about how bad the “Yankees” are,
then are disappointed when you realize they are talking baseball.

You realize you haven’t bought a new suit or shoes in ages because you need
brogans and a haversack.

You name your dog after a Civil War battlefield or general.

You have Dixie as the ring-tone on your phone and your friends know not to
ask why.

People say you’re crazy for wearing wool in 100 degree weather and you
actually agree with them.

You say “we” and “they” when discussing Civil War politics and North v South

You jump when you hear the cashier say “And your final bill is going to be

You love the sound of heel-plates on concrete, especially a whole battalion
of them marching in step.

Someone tells you the Civil War is over, and you say, “It is?!”

You have occasion to put a sign on your desk at work that says, “Gone to
War, Back in 150 Years”.

You’ve ever worn your full outfit to work on Halloween.

You don’t find the phrase “the other day while I was cleaning my musket…”
in the least bit odd.

Your re-enactment clothes and accoutrements cost more than your vehicle.

Someone asks you if your wool clothing is hot and they give you blank stares
when you tell them “not as long as the breeze is blowing.”

The guy who got you into Civil War reenacting is #1 on your wife’s hate

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”