03/23/11 Grif.Net – Panthera

03/23/11 Grif.Net – Panthera

Here are some questions to test your knowledge and understanding of the “big
cats” in the genus panthera. Anybody can “Google” some answers. Question
is, how much do you really KNOW??

Given: The four members of Panthera are lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards.

1. Which of the four (due to anatomical structure of larynx) can “roar”?

2. Which was the most popular in ancient Roman zoos?

3. Which is the largest of the four cats? The smallest?

4. What is the average lion’s lifespan in captivity? In the wild?

5. How much meat does an average lion eat daily?

6. Which of the panthera are dimorphic?

7. How much time in a day are these cats inactive (sleeping, walking – but
not hunting or eating)?

8. What is the length of a canine tooth of an average panthera?

9. At what age (in days) can a cub see? Walk? Crawl?

10. On what continent do most tigers live?

11. A panther is really just a type of which panthera big cat?

12. Which cat is named for the Greek word for “arrow”?

13. How much greater than human is the night vision of these cats?

14. Which is the only big cat native to the Americas?

15. What male lion had a mane that covered half its body (sadly, hunted to
extinction in the 20th Century)?

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”