12/03/10 Grif.Net – Manger Scene

12/03/10 Grif.Net – Manger Scene

Our children were having fun setting up and the hours or joy rearranging all
of the items in the manger scene. (It was odd to see Barbie kneeling at the
manger, but somehow appropriate).

When evening came and the children off preparing for bed, I looked at their
final rendition. Every item was there, in the correct place. But behind
the cattle, in the edge of the crèche, was an action figure in a suit of
armor with an uplifted sword. He had a piece of duct tape covering his face
. . it really made no sense to me.

Tucking the kids into bed, I commented on how fun it was to remember the
Christmas story thru the manger scene. Then I casually asked by 7-year old
about this odd, hidden character.

In a quiet voice he told me that he had put him in there to guard baby
Jesus, and that he was really part of the Christmas story anyway. When I
asked exactly HOW he was in the story, my son said, “He’s the silent

Makes sense to me.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”