05/26/10 Grif.Net – Graduation Chants

05/26/10 Grif.Net – Graduation Chants

At a recent graduation ceremony at Virginia Tech, the students gathered in
the football stadium. The joy and exuberance of the day led to some
good-natured chants

En masse, the engineering students stood and shouted, “We’ve got jobs! We’ve
got jobs!”

From the other side of the field, the business school graduates answered,
“Working for us! Working for us!”

A colony of beavers
A herd of buffalo
A brood or peep of chickens
A clutch or chattering of chicks
A murder of crows
A swarm of flies
A band of gorillas
A plague of locusts
A brood of hens
A pride of lions
A flock of swifts
A flight of swallows
A school, gam or pod of whales
A crash or herd of rhinos
A nest of vipers
A rhumba of rattlesnakes
A litter of pigs
A parliament of owls
A gang of elks
A charm of goldfinches
A leash of greyhounds
A kindle or litter of kittens
An ascension or exultation of larks
A stud of mares
A richness of martens

Dr Bob Griffin
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