03/01/10 Grif.Net – From the Police Blotter

03/01/10 Grif.Net – From the Police Blotter

From our small town Police Blotter –

In my neighborhood, a local manufacturing business was broken into last
night and a large quantity of wigs was stolen. Police are currently combing
the area for clues.

The toilet was stolen out of Precinct 17. Police are searching for the
culprit, but admit that they still have nothing to go on.

A woman was arrested for palm reading, but slipped out of custody because
she was only 4’6″ tall and no one saw her go. There is an all-points-
bulletin out for a “Small Medium at Large”.

Police were confronted along the road by an Amish woman. Evidently she had
decided to walk home from town because her husband was driving her buggy.

A patrol cruiser stopped after finding an 8-foot piece of rope along the
yellow line. The officer thought about filing a report, but decided to skip

Officers responded to a call at the high school. Seems a mischievous youth
brought a rubber band pistol to algebra class. The teacher wanted him
arrested for carrying a weapon of math disruption.

Dr Bob Griffin
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