02/17/10 Grif.Net – February Pun o’the Month

02/17/10 Grif.Net – February Pun o’the Month

A couple with a mutual craving for something sweet drove to the nearest
Baskin-Robbins. Having purchased ice cream cones, they returned to their
car to be comfortable. As they settled back to enjoy themselves, two crows
landed on the front hood and began to squawk and flutter, and to peck at the
windshield. The man finally figured out what they wanted.

He opened the window and put his cone on the hood. The birds immediately
settled down as they began eating it.

“You’re wonderful!” said the girl, “How did you ever think of it?”

“Nothing to it. It was just a case of … stilling two birds with one

[bad pun of the month thanks to Bruce]
Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”