12/07/09 Grif.Net – Christmas Pun Quiz

12/07/09 Grif.Net – Christmas Pun Quiz

Everyone dresses up kids for the program as “angels”. What’s the difference
between a one-winged angel and a two-winged angel? It’s a matter of a

I think yule love the game we’re about to play. In each sentence below, fill
in the blank or blanks with an expression commonly used at Christmastide.
Answers Wednesday:

1. On December 24, Adam’s wife was known as _____ _____.

2. In Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Scrooge was visited by the ghost
of _____ _____.

3. An opinion survey in Alaska is called a _____ _____.

4. What Christmas message is conveyed by these letters?:


5. When the salt and the pepper say “Hi!” to each other, they are passing
on _____ _____.

6. A holy man bereft of change could be called _____ _____.

7. A quiet medieval armor-wearer is a _____ _____.

8. A cat walking on the desert is bound to get _____ _____.

9. People who tell jokes on December 25 might be called _____ _____.

10. Actor O’Connor and actress Channing are known on December 25 as
_____ _____.

Bonus: What do Spanish sheep say when they wish each other a Merry
_____ _____.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”