11/30/09 Grif.Net – What’s Up, Doc?

11/30/09 Grif.Net – What’s Up, Doc?

Reading a local paper and their trivia about famous doctors helped me
develop this little quiz to see if your BRAIN survived the Thanksgiving
Weekend overload.

Fill in the missing doctors’ (real/fictional) names. DOUBLE POINTS FOR FIRST

1. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about the dual personality of Dr.

2. Dr. _____________ set the broken leg of John Wilkes Booth and ended up
spending four years in a Gulf of Mexico prison.

3. Noah Wylie portrayed the young caring Dr ___________________ who moved
from Chicago’s ER to the heart of Africa.

4. In Dodge City, Kansas, old Doc _______________ fixed up Kitty and Matt

5. Mary Shelly wrote of a Dr _______________ (who wasn’t even a doctor!) and
his ‘monster’ made from spare body parts.

6. In 1901-1906 Dr. _________________ worked with a patient suffering memory
loss, difficulty with speech and comprehension. After her death, he
autopsied the brain to note plaque deposits, dead areas, tangled nerves, and
found the 7th leading cause of death that now bears his name.

7. A thoracic surgeon in the Korean War, Dr _________________, later wrote
of his life there, basing its main character Hawkeye Pierce on himself.

8. Dr. __________________ became an author of medical fiction (like
“Andromeda Strain”) and created popular shows like “E.R.”

9. Fortunately for children of the 1950’s when the scourge of polio was at
its height, Dr _________________ transferred from law school to become a
medical doctor.

10. A medical doctor in the ambulance corps during World War I, Dr
____________ later gained fame for writing “Of Human Bondage”.

11. Father-figure who always knew best, Dr _________________ ministered to
patients in his suburban home, assisted by handsome Dr Kiley.

12. Dr ____________________ served the crew of the 23rd Century spaceship in
Star Trek.

13. Handsome young heartthrob Dr ______________ dealt with patients at Blair
General Hospital for five years in primetime.

14. Maintaining his London medical practice, Dr. ______________ wrote a
number of detective adventures there were “elementary, my dear Watson”.

15. Dark and brooding Dr _________________ performed surgery at County
General mentored by Dr Zorba.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”